Excitement is in the air again as the launch of Wings Of Hope: Ember's Epic Journey Home, the second book in the My First Dragon Series, approaches. The much-anticipated children's book promises to take young readers on another thrilling adventure into the enchanting world of dragons.

Lost and alone. A long and perilous journey home. Unwavering hope.

The second book in the "My First Dragon" children's series, Wings of Hope: Ember's Epic Journey Home, is about to take young readers on another thrilling adventure. The book follows Ember, a young female dragon, as she embarks on a perilous journey home after being taken from her family and friends. Along the way, she faces countless obstacles, including dangerous forest creatures and long, lonely nights.

Despite the challenges she faces, Ember's hope never wavers. She remains determined to reunite with her loved ones, no matter the cost. Along the way, she meets a magical creature who provides her with uplifting information that she never expected. The story is filled with hope, wonderful adventures, and gripping tension, making it the perfect addition to any young reader's collection.

Choose from Four Different versions

Wings of Hope: Ember's Epic Journey Home is available in Kindle, paperback, and hardback versions. Wings of Hope is also available as a reduced price paperback version (not color).

The hardback version of the book takes young readers on a virtual tour of Flamehaven Hollow, the magical land where the story is set. They will learn more about Ember, her strengths, special gifts, character traits, and biggest achievements. The hardback version is a great choice for young readers who want to immerse themselves in the world of My First Dragon.

Looking For A More Emersive Experience?

For young readers who prefer to listen to their stories, the audiobook version of Wings of Hope: Ember's Epic Journey Home is also available. It is narrated by the talented Alicia Pendrow, who brings the story to life with her expressive voice and lively storytelling.

Don't miss out on this enchanting tale of hope and perseverance. Order your copy of Wings of Hope: Ember's Epic Journey Home now and let your child's imagination take flight.