Excitement is in the air as the launch of Blaze's Big Adventure: A Dragon's Quest for Fire, the first book in the My First Dragon Series, approaches. The much-anticipated children's book promises to take young readers on a thrilling adventure into the enchanting world of dragons.


A Humiliating Problem! Unwavering Determination! An unforgettable journey!

Blaze, the young dragon protagonist, faces a humiliating problem: he cannot breathe fire like other dragons. With unwavering determination, Blaze sets out on a journey of self-discovery and completes three challenges given to him by the dragon king. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about perseverance, courage, and determination that will inspire young readers to face their own challenges with confidence and determination.

The launch of Blaze's Big Adventure: A Dragon's Quest for Fire marks the beginning of an exciting new series that promises to captivate and inspire children of all ages. With vivid illustrations and a heartwarming tale that teaches valuable life lessons, this enchanting book is the perfect addition to any child's bookshelf.
Author Lucy Hawkins has created a magical world where dragons roam free, thrilling adventures abound, and gripping tension keeps readers on the edge of their seats. With its unforgettable characters and captivating storyline, Blaze's Big Adventure is a must-read for any child who loves dragons and adventure.
Parents and educators alike are eagerly anticipating the launch of this book and the subsequent releases in the My First Dragon Series. This series promises to inspire children to embrace their unique talents and face life's challenges with determination and courage.

Choose from Four Different versions

There's also some exciting news for fans of the My First Dragon series - Blazes Big Adventure: A Dragon's Quest for Fire is now available in four different formats. You can choose between the Kindle edition, the paperback version, the exclusive extended hardback edition, or the audio version. Blazes Big Adventure is also available as a reduced price paperback version (not color).

The hardback edition takes readers on an immersive virtual tour of Dragonfire Valley, where the book is set. This edition also provides readers with an in-depth look at Blaze, the beloved dragon protagonist of the series. You'll learn about Blaze's strengths, special gifts, and qualities, as well as his character traits and biggest achievements. This exclusive edition is the perfect addition to any young reader's bookshelf.

Looking For A More Emersive Experience?

For young readers who prefer to listen to their stories, Blazes Big Adventure: A Dragon's Quest for Fire is also available as an audiobook, narrated by the talented Alicia Pendrow.

Pendrow's engaging and dynamic narration brings the story of Blaze to life, captivating listeners with her expressive voice and lively storytelling. Her narration adds an extra layer of depth to the already captivating storyline, making the audiobook version a must-listen for young readers who want to immerse themselves in the magical world of My First Dragon.

The audiobook version of Blazes Big Adventure: A Dragon's Quest for Fire is perfect for long car rides, bedtime stories, or for children who prefer to listen to their stories rather than read them. It's also an excellent way to encourage children to develop their listening skills and spark their imagination.

So, whether you choose the Kindle, Paperback, hardback, or audiobook version of Blazes Big Adventure: A Dragon's Quest for Fire, you're in for a magical journey into the world of dragons. With its captivating storyline, enchanting illustrations, and engaging narration, this book is sure to become a favorite for young readers everywhere.